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Building Strength Without Mass

When you think about building muscle, the idea and image of lifting weights and working out in the gym probably very quickly comes to mind. This is a very common way to build muscle, but it certainly isn't the only way of building lean muscle without mass.

The brilliant thing about building muscle without huge mass is that the techniques used apply to all the major muscle groups.

Not only are the exercises and routines involved very easy to follow. They are also / can be punishing, but you should push yourself as hard as you can. The beauty is that the workout routines can be followed by almost anyone.

There are a variety of muscle groups in your body but the main ones (the major muscle groups) are pectorals, triceps, biceps, thighs, calves, abs, back, shoulders and forearms. All of these major muscle groups have some programs designed to make it possible to develop the size, shape, and definition of the muscles without ever touching a set of weights.


Pecs are a muscle group that most people like to look good, and there are simple ways for building muscle without weights for this muscle. The basic press-up is a good way of developing this muscle. Most people are aware of how to do a push-up making this an ideal exercise routine to use if you are looking to develop firm and rounded pectoral muscles.

Biceps & Forearms

Building muscle without weights is entirely possible, but a good way of building biceps and forearms is to use a fixed bar. The fixed bad can easily be attached to any doorway enabling you to do chin-up.

Chin-ups can be a punishing exercise, and many people struggle to do a single rep at first. Repeated practice with a chair or a step to alleviate some of the pressure may make it easier to develop the strength to carry out the exercise properly.


One of the muscle groups that most people would like to improve would have to be the abdominal muscles. These muscles practically define health and well-being, but building muscles without weights in this area is simple enough with crunches.

There is nothing "simple" about crunches, they can be amongst the hardest exercises to complete but the results are there for all to see.

Thighs (Legs)

Repeated squats are a great way of building up the thigh muscles (quads), and again, most people are aware of how to do a squat jump or thrust. These commonly used exercises are a great way of building muscles without weights.

Other Leg Exercises

There are other exercises that build the legs muscles such as; walking, running, and bike riding are great exercises that will build your leg muscles.

Also, Pilates and yoga are very good and although they do not seem like it, are very good for building strength and burning fat.

Checking Your Results

After trying the above workouts for a period of time, you should see and feel a change in your body strength. You'll also notice that you lose inches without losing the pounds, and this is because muscle weighs more than fat, so you shouldn't get discouraged if you're expecting to lose pounds. Body shape is far more important - remember, strong is sexy!

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